Monday, September 17, 2012

Finishing things

I have had a busy summer finishing a variety of projects and travelling!  I spent a lot of my time making 3 bridesmaids dresses for a wedding in mid-August - they were finished the day before the wedding as there were a lot of last minute adjustments to make however the girls and more importantly the bride were very happy with them on the day.

I also made 2 bags over the summer - I wanted a padded bag for carrying my laptop around and decided to use this blue Tiffany style fabric.

I was also asked if I would make a bag for someone, which I agreed to.  She sent me the fabric and here is the finished result.  I was very pleased with how it turned out and so was the recipient.

In the middle of August I got my results back for my blackwork module and was very pleased to have earned a distinction - the piece of work has also been included in the RSN's special summer newsletter commemorating 140 years of the RSN much to my delight and amazement.

Now it's time to start some new projects and continue with others which have been put to one side over the last few months.  I have started my next module with the RSN which is Long and Short Silk Shading.  For this piece I am working on a picture of a fuschia flower on dark green silk.  So far I have created the design, decided which threads to use, transferred the design to the framed silk and started to do the split stitch - on Wednesday I shall start the actual long and short stitches.

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Wendy said...

you have been busy! The bridesmaid's dresses were beautiful!