Monday, June 11, 2012

Blackwork finished!

I have just realised that it is many months since I last posted and haven't given any progress reports about my RSN course.  My Jacobean crewelwork piece was assessed and I got a credit for it which I was pleased about - a good mark for a first piece.  Since then I have been working on my next module - blackwork.  I decided to create a picture based on a photograph of Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland and actually used 2 pictures because one of them had a wonderfully dramatic sky outlining the castle.  It was important to find an image with lots of shadows and shading that I could trace and use as my reference.  The design was transferred onto evenweave fabric using tissue and stitching lines and then I had to choose about 5 or 6 different stitch patterns.  The shading is achieved by using different weights of threads (fine silk, machine embroidery thread, stranded cotton and coton a broder) and breaking up the stitches or adding an extra line to them.  The first photo shows the progress I had made by early March. 

And here is the finished picture ready to be handed in this week for assessment over the summer.

The next module that I will start in September is Silk Shading using long and short stitch.  I need to find an image of a flower that is not too complicated and that I like before then so I intend to take lots of photos as I am out and about on my travels.

This week we have an exhibition opening in Rugby Library and Museum for 10 days, with a lot of work from the RSN Certificate and Diploma students based in Rugby on display - it should be a great show as there is a lot of lovely work to be displayed.

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Suzi Morris said...

This is amazing! Congratulations. I'll be doing blackwork for the first piece on my diploma! I look forward to following your progress on your blog :)