Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This weeks stitch for TAST is feather stitch - as I have used this stitch quite a lot recently I decided to group the photos together here (and cheat as I haven't got time before we go away to do another sample). The first sample is from the Personal Library of Stitches course -

This second sample is from my City and Guilds course and is depicting spring - the calico background has been sponge painted with colours taken from a source picture, then the feather stitching worked on top in coordinating colours

The third sample is my final picture for Module 1 on my City and Guilds course - I used feather stitch a lot for the trees at the back of the picture and used a variety of thicknesses of threads on evenweave fabric, again sponge painted.

This is my sample of stitching for Week 6 - Algerian Eyelet Stitch for TAST. I decided to paint some fabric to make it more interesting and tried to alter the sizes of the various arms of the stitches.

Tomorrow we are off to the Lake District for a few days as this week is our half term holiday - it'll be nice to get away for the break.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Yesterday and today have been declared snow days by the school and college - so half term has started early. Matt and I went for a walk round the estate and to the woods on the edge of it - I thought that this first picture looked a bit surreal

Matt decided to try throwing snowballs at trees and kept missing!

DH came home from work early and they decided to build a snow man

The snow was excellent for rolling - just like a carpet or grass, so they very quickly ended up with a large ball of snow - then another... and another...

until they ended up with a tower or totem pole -

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Well this week I managed to finish and send off Module 1 for my City and Guilds course, to my tutor for her to mark. I am now waiting for it to come back and to get Module 2.

Here is a small sampler that I have just finished for Take a Stitch Tuesday - this week the stitch was Chevron Stitch which I have use to couch down a thick chenille thread and used it to make patterns.