Sunday, May 13, 2007

Recently I have been stitching but don't actually have a lot to show for it, if that makes sense. I have done some applique, which is slow work as I wanted to try and do it really well, and I did a design in beading - but have taken it out twice so far, last time because I realised that I didn't have enough beads and needed to space them out more. I have now counted all the beads (480!) and have worked out the design, so I can start stitching it again tonight, hopefully for the last time.

Recently on Tuesday mornings I have started meeting with a couple of friends to discuss projects, share ideas and play. This week we decided to do some fabric dyeing - I needed to dye some fabric for the sky of our next banner project for church and at the same time did a bit of space dyeing with calico, silks and other cotton. Here are the results.

The previous session when we met together, we were playing with Markal paintstiks and rubbings which ties in very nicely with my current C+G module. I tried some rubbings on cartridge paper (not very successful) then on material. After that, it was out with the toothbrushes and masking tape to make interesting patterns.

For the final picture I was trying to mix different colours with an iridescent blending stick- it doesn't show up on the photo.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I have just bought a Koh-I-Noor paint pallette from Art Van Go and have done a little bit of experimenting with it - these are the basic colours - plus black and white.

The colours are very intense and very brilliant depending on how much water you add to them - while waiting for the tea to cook tonight I experimented putting two colours next to each other.

I haven't yet tried mixing the colours together - I'll probably do that over the weekend and see what results I get.