Sunday, September 04, 2011

Nearly there 
Only 3 days to go until I head up to Rugby to start the course.  I have the course information, some of the books on the recommended list and the basic equipment that I need to take with me.  I haven't done any hand embroidery lately as I want to be fresh when I start the course, but I am working on a super kingsized machine embroidered quilt.  Each block is made from a plain piece of fabric and is heavily stitched to create the design on it - so far I have completed 9 blocks and need 16 for the full quilt.  During the last 2 weeks I have been putting together the blocks that are completed with the sashing and backing and quilting them ready to be assembled together into a larger piece.  Here is one of the blocks created using the patterns from the book 'Aquamarine Ambience' by Simon J Haskins. 

I need to keep working on the quilt as it needs to be finished in the next 2 months ready for an exhibition at the beginning of December.

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