Saturday, December 03, 2011

Recent Progress
I have made a lot of progress on my Crewel Work piece since the last time I blogged about it, firstly I finished the flower on the right hand side then worked on the flower on the left, also finishing that.  I have also completed 2 of the hillocks at the bottom of the piece and the branch for the robin to sit on.

This week when I went up to Rugby I added a new flower at the top, decided on the stitches for the hillocks, started work on one of the hillocks and worked on the robin.  The robin is stitched using long and short stitch for the body/breast in 4 shades of the pink.

This week I shall try to finish the robin and the hillocks so that when I go back for the last session before Christmas I just have the flower at the top to work on.  This means that I shall be ready to mount the piece in the New Year and move on to the second module.

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