Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hello 2010! 

Happy New Year to everyone!  OK so I didn't do very well with blogging last year - only a couple of posts - lets see if I can do better this year.  As the country is gripped with a covering of snow we've been taking advantage of activities being cancelled and not going far and I have done some more snow dyeing and other crafty things.  I am at the moment experimenting with overdyeing some fabric that I dyed earlier in the week as it came out very pale and not very interesting.  Interestingly the snow I gathered this morning has a different texture to that which I used earlier in the week when it was fresh, this time it was more powdery and finer so I'll be interested to see if it makes different patterns.

We are off on a big holiday in 2 weeks time downunder to New Zealand so this will become something of a travelogue as well over the next couple of months.  In preparation for the trip I have been sorting out a stitching project and thonk that I will work on a miniature, foundation pieced 'storm at sea' quilt.  I have a small cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler to take with me and decided yesterday to make a wallet to hold them whilst on my travels.  Here is the finished article

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