Thursday, March 06, 2008

February bag - here is the bag I made for the February bag challenge on British Quilters List. I haven't followed the instructions fully as I was supposed to do the swirls with a thread in the bobbin of machine and I have hand couched it down, also it was supposed to have hearts or leaves on it and I have left them off. I did, however, hand dye the fabric for both the outside and the lining material.

I haven't got a lot of other sewing done recently as a lot of my time has been tied up with organising things to do with my husbands job in Germany - mainly tring to make sure we have enough money in the right place at the right time to pay everything. So far the job seems to be going well and he is enjoying the flat we are renting there - this week he is back working in the UK.

Here are a couple of photos of the flat - it is the top floor of this building complete with a mezzanine - and yes - we do have to climb the stairs in the turret to get up to the flat!

this is one end of the lounge

I would add a couple more pictures but blogger isn't co-operating tonight.

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