Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This week I have been working on the final piece for Module 1 of my C+G course - a landscape picture based on a photograph that I took while I was in Cornwall last June with my mother - I think that I took it at the National Trust house, Lanhydrock.

I have used an evenweave fabric which I sponge painted, then used a number of the stitches used in the module including herringbone, feather stitch, fly stitch, thorn stitch, fern stitch and roumanian stitch.
I tried to plan it out before I started, based on the photo, but my drawing lets me down and I ended up stitching it freehand as I went along. I didn't want an exact replica of the garden - more the general feel of it, which I think that I have achieved.

Now I need to do a quick embroidery on winter, then finish all my comments and presentation before being able to send it off as planned next week.


Elizabeth said...

Vicki, this is beautiful work. I like what you did as you stitched it out freehand. I think the path is much more interesting than the picture. The fabric looks wonderful, too. Thanks for posting.

kay susan said...

Very nice interpretation!

English Rose said...

well done hon, it's lovely, and then module 1 is finished. that must feel great! you need to spread it out on a bed or the floor and take a piccie of all of it before you send it, just to remind you how much you have achieved. Then when you start module 2 and feel right back at the beginning again you can look at it as a morale booster!

Vicki said...

Thank you for your lovely comments - I like English Rose's idea about photographing all of module 1, it will also be a good record of what I have sent if there is any problem with the post, but also very encouraging. Thanks for the idea.